character design tutorial photoshop

Here is another awesome tutorial created by me. Here, I’ll show you how to create 2d character designs that will add uniqueness to your character’s faces. The same method can be applied to armors, weapons and even environments.

First, I start off with character’s specifications. You need to know who your character will be. By understanding this, you will have a more clearer understanding of the things that you need to incorporate to make the character look believable.

I wanted to create an army type guy with a strong square jaw chin, facial scar and military hairstyle, age 45-50.

Next, I started collecting different images that would meet those requirements. Once I’ve collected enough of images, I start with the basic head shape drawing.

Once I have the facial structure in place, I start incorporating different facial features from each image.

Hope that you like this video tutorial.

how to organize brushes in photoshop w. Panorabrush

Hello friends, Aren’t you wondering why in hell Adobe isn’t creating a plug in to organize your brushes? People have been asking for this for a while now without any luck… Well I am and that’s why I’m doing something for all of us!

Today I would like to share with you a world’s first plug in that will help you organize your brushes inside your Photoshop. Even though this little gem is still in it’s development stages, please check it out. Would like to hear from you.

starship painting tutorial

Brand new concept art tutorial that focuses on star ships design. If you’re one of those individuals that has been struggling with creating such space ships then this tutorial might help.

I have to warn you though, there isn’t any commentary so that might not be what you are looking for but non the less, give it a try and see if the video can help you out. Another thing is, it’s sped up.

The video first starts with the rough sketch and the perspective lines. You need this to correctly place any of your drawings in the environment. This will help you unify the piece, scale it proportionately and so on.

Then the artist starts to block in the basic colors by using lasso tool to have nice, crisp edges.

Once the base color is established, the artist moves onto the highlights and fleshing out the shapes and adding detail.

how to paint realistic trees with acrylic paint

Here is a tutorial for those of you that are looking to learn to paint trees in acrylics. The length of this video is about 30 minutes and it’s perfect for the beginners, why? Because the artist takes you from an initial sketch and then shows you the value swatch in colors that you would need to establish before painting.

Values are super important when painting because they will help you make things look realistic and help you achieve a certain look when painting.

I hope that you like this video and can find it useful.

How To Draw Nose For Beginners Step By Step

In today’s tutorial I’ll show you the anatomy as well as steps required to draw a nose. As a beginner, you tend to over complicate things and I’ll show you how it’s actually simple to draw a nose. I also use image references and go over them with a pen to show you how the anatomy works underneath the skin as well as how it connects to the skeleton.

How To Draw Head For Beginners Step By Step pt.1

Welcome to another Concept Art Masters exclusive tutorial. Today I would like to show you my way and process of drawing a head for the beginners. It’s in real time so that you can see it step by step  as well as my thinking process. I always try to simplify things for my audience and this one isn’t any different. Since it’s geared towards the newbies, this first part doesn’t focus on correct anatomy but rather on correct placement of facial features.

How To Improve Your Concept Art Instantly pt.1

This video is not a tutorial but rather a demo. However, you can see that once you have a solid painting to start with,  you can  easily  improve your concept art by introducing images. The point of adding images is to add realism, enhance your focal point and grab the attention of the viewer immediately. This is very similar to matte painting which film and video game artists use to achieve high end and very realistic environments. If you are interested in learning more and watching a full video on this and many more then, I suggest you go here.

P.S. They have about 60 videos on various subjects and they are organized from the beginner to intermediate to advance. Have a great day.

How To Create A Custom Brush To Paint Mountains, Rocks & Sharp Edge Objects pt.2

In the part two of this tutorial I will focus on showing you how to create a custom stamp brush in Photoshop so that you can add realistic textures to your rocks, mountains and anything else you desire. This will result in more detail and a finished product that actually looks realistic.

First thing to do is find yourself a high quality image that you can use.  I actually use morguefile for this. Their images don’t have to be attributed.

Second step is to find select in the upper area of photoshop and then look for color range. Once the color range is open, you will see a window with your image in mainly black. There is a drop down menu that also says select: Choose shadows and then click ok.

Right after that, you’ll see marching ants. They are showing you all of the shadow areas that have been selected. You might not want all of it but don’t worry, you will clean this one up.

Third step is, on your keyboard press simultaneously Ctrl+C and on mac I think it’s Command+C. Sorry if it’s wrong, haven’t used a Mac computer in years. Okay, let me get back to the tutorial. Once you have it copied, deselect the image, turn off the layer and create a new layer above it. Once you have done that, press Ctrl+V on your keyboard and this will paste the previously selected shadow area.

Fourth, Select the lasso tool by pressing letter “L” and go around the texture that you like. Go under edit, select brush preset and name your brush whatever you like. Once you have done this, you’ve created your first stamp brush however, it is not done.

Fifth step is to set presets so that they can work for you and your pen tablet of your choice.

Tip, if a brush has unwanted edges, you can erase them to modify them. Try being random and chaotic when creating a stamp brush to paint rocks. Check out the video for a better understanding.

Hope that you like it, like it, share it and subscribe. Thank you.